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Udimi Marketing Tips 

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Franks Incredible Tips on Using Udimi
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TIPS on Using UDIMI.*

*We can't guarantee income.
These are only tips that have worked
well for Albie.

1) Find:
"Sellers information" tab.
 "Settings" for Finding Vendors: 

2) Set at 300+ Sales. 
3) Got Sales (set at 30%)
4) Niche - set at "Marketing"
5) Price - $2.00 (Max)
6) Repeat Orders - 20%
7) Orders - (Arrow up)

Now choose a vendor. 
Pick using these insights: 

8) Use only Five Stars vendors (or only
pick those with a high rating.  

9) Then when you go through each that 
qualifies on this list: 

Find at least 3 new recorded sales in last 3
months by testimonials.

10) Then send in a message 
to that vendor and show them your capture page
and ask them if they think it will work with your
page and what you're promoting.

11) ?Be consistent each week in placing a new Udimi ad. 

12) If you find a good vendor that gives you 1-2 sales per campaign,
then use this vendor again, and then double your money
invested in the vendor/campaign each week.
Each time you get more sales,
double your investment. (If you can). 

13) Realize that at first your not probably NOT going to make
back your money invested (higher chance but not impossible).
This is because it’s always harder to get the “rocket off the ground
then it is to keep it moving once it’s got momentum and "up in space".
If you give up after two or three times using Udimi,
then you will never see success with any advertising method. 

If you can’t afford to use Udimi, then my suggestion is to make extra money
with a part-time job or selling something you can sell on Craigslist
etc and save up for each campaign. 


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